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Sublimation Printing in Dubai

We at design 360 dubai do a sublimation printing and full sublimation printing in dubai for Sports kits and uniforms we have deliverred at the most famous clubs in dubai the Football Kits now the question is

What is Sublimation and Full Sublimation Printing ??

Sublimation printing is kind of printing that can be done only in Mesh fabric or Dri-fit means it should be polyester 100% or the maximum percentage of polyester rather than cotton. Mesh fabric is 100% polyester fabric that mostly used for Sports uniforms and kits like Foot ball kits and Base Ball kits and Basket ball kits and Dri-fit material which is by percentage 70 Polyester and 30% cotton this is also good for full sublimation printing but not as the best fabric which is 100% polyester If you are looking for any kind of Full t shirts printing we suggest the Full sublimation printing design 360 dubai provide the best quality of Full sublimation printing we have the best quality epson Printer that can print 2 Panels at a time so it will be very fast for high quantity Orders